A block of wood revealing digital information, a flat piece of leather transmitting electric power, a smart fabric detecting human touches, these are just some of the innovations that THINGK will introduce during Milan Design week 2017. In the space in Corso Garibaldi 104, within Brera Design District, you will be able to see the products Slab! and Desk! just before the market launch. Moreover, you will be able to see the results of the collaboration between THINGK and other firms: Artemide (Ligthing), Artnova (Living), and Mukako (furniture for kids).
“Hybridize Design and Technology to switch from User Experience to User Emotion”: Slab! and Desk! fully embody this design philosophy.

THINGK presence at MDW17 would never be possible without the incredible support of some key people that collaborated with us. The following is a (partial) list:

Luca Venturelli (designer of [Mu]Table, responsible of Design For Manufacturing activities, tireless innovator and, last but not least, very talented chef)
Andrea Policastro, Alberto Simoni (Exhibition Design Project)
Andrea Patrucco (wood crafter, the wizard behind Slab! wooden case)
Stefano Perabò (Exhibition Joiner, wood crafter responsible for [Mu]Table prototypes)
The Clocksmiths (Art direction)
Francesco Paleari (Photographer)
Gaia Elena Pucci (Digital Strategist for Itaca Comunicazione)

A special thanks to Birrificio Angelo Poretti for the 10 Luppoli Champagne Beers!