This is the first post on our site, so we think it’s a good idea to recap our story.
We started collaborating on some interesting projects blending Design and Technology for firms like Adidas Originals. You can see more on this topic on our website.

The experience with Adidas strengthened our belief that Design and Technology can be mixed together to obtain IoT products really useful and really welcomed by the users. We were a bit confused, but we were certain that the idea was very good. So, we spent a lot of time on research to clarify our ideas. The result of this work is represented by the two concepts that we pushed on Indiegogo, GKILO and CLOGK. With these concepts, we wanted to explore the interest on “everyday objects, with superpowers”. More than this, we were very curios to receive feedbacks on our idea to create products with high-quality materials, with very minimal design style, and with technology completely hidden within the product. Considering these goals, the results were very good for us: the buzz around our campaign was incredible, with interviews on very important websites (Wired U.S., GIzmodo, Dwell etc.). We knew that there was a lot of work to do to obtain products matching the very high expectations generated by the concepts, but at least we had confirmation that we were on the right way. Starting from that moment, we started the realization of the prototypes for our backers, receiving a lot of feedbacks (some good, some bad): thanks to these feedbacks, we had the chance to improve:

· the functionalities of our products
· the Production technique

Here is an infographic showing the hard work we did, based on backers’ feedback.

Moreover, we changed the Production technique, switching from MDF+adhesive wood veneer to wood. This change was possible only thanks to the incredible know-how of some artisan in Italy, that supported us in the determination of the best technique (on this topic we will read a dedicated post later).

Last, we added a new product that was not included in our concepts on Indiegogo: a wireless charger in Leather, that can be used also as desk. For this product, we have been supported by one of the best Leather artisan in Italy and probably in the world, a manufacturer able to do almost anything with leather, working also for brands like Arflex, Baleri Italia, Desalto, Fontana Arte, Flou, Tisettanta, Zanotta.

So, here we are now, with two products on launch ramp and with a lot of hard work made to arrive here. We are sure that the Internet of Things market will be able to explode (finally) thanks to the combination of Design and Technology!