One of the most important THINGK assets is the official award as University Spin-off: this facilitates our participation to Research Funds and increase the chance of partnerships with other companies on high innovation projects. One of the most interesting research fields that we are exploring is constituted by Smart fabrics. E-textile are known in technical literature since a couple of years, but until now the mass-adoption was blocked by technical problems with signal conditioning. E-textile is a technology fully matching our vision, so we decided to deepen our knowledge on this field. We put on this project our best engineers, and we found another company really interested in this technology (Artnova). The combination of our expertise in technology and in User Experience, mixed with Artnova expertise in fabrics and sewing lead us to excellent results. We found the right solution to obtain a simple and very reliable User Experience using smart fabrics technology, giving Designers unlimited possibilities in creating smart writings, symbols etc. We are very proud of the results obtained, we can say that only another consortium in the world could obtain something comparable to us: Google and Levi’s. We will show the results of our work during Milano Design Week 2017, and we planned the launch on the market of a new THINGK product based on e-textile for the end of the year. We feel that finally the age of Digital Textile Experience is coming.