For THINGK, Ambient intelligence will become reality only if it will be expressed in beautiful, easy-to-use objects. For this reason we focus our efforts in the development of products with a natural and high quality feeling, like Slab! or Desk!. Since Home environment is made of many different rooms and it is decorated with many different objects, we consider collaborations with Home appliances and Furniture companies as a mandatory path for the diffusion of our vision. Following this idea, we are collaborating with several companies, from lighting (Artemide) to hardware (TCI), from Living (Artnova) to kids furniture (Mukako).

Other collaborations will come, in other afferent markets, because this is part of our strategy: embracing all the parts constituting home environment. One of the collaborations carried out recently is now becoming very popular: [MU]table, the Mukako’s customizable play table for kids is now running a campaign on Kickstarter and currently it triples funding goal. THINGK is the author of the design, so it is a pleasure reading articles like the one on Yahoo! Finance, where the table is cited as “chic”, “designed in Italy with the highest quality materials”, making “playtime beautiful”. This is exactly what we try to obtain from our collaborations: we want to put our vision, made of style, quality and smart solutions, in other contexts, in order to reach wider audiences with our vision of the contemporary home.