Slab! Explorer

I’m Slab!
Nice to meet you.

A soft and smooth outline, an object with a timeless and minimal Design. Slab! is this and much more.

“When we started to think about Slab!, we were seeking for something new: an object represented by an analog look and feel, that once touched arouse and reveal a digital nature. An object apparently pure and simple, but in fact complex and designed, result of both subtraction and addition processes: simplifying the form and increasing the functions, adding hidden technology.
Slab! uses a Tangible User Interface conceived pursuing an ideal of natural and intuitive interaction and following the criteria of aesthetics (the joy of doing), spatial-located information (objects as information) and situatedness (environmentally responsive and activator of further interaction), challenging the criteria of direct interaction (what you do is what you get) and verisimilitude (interactions triggered by gestures elicited by object’s affordance). We spent a lot of time reading contemporary phenomena to innovate everyday objects, rethinking established archetypes”.
Umberto Tolino, Chief Design Officer

Slab! is a kitchen scale, and it is also a digital timer.
And yes, it is also a piece of art.

Scale: max 2Kg, resolution 1g
Digital Timer, 1 s resolution
Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries
Wireless charging compatible with QI standard
Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy
App for iOS, Android coming soon (see Explorer Program)

Slab! Explorer Program

Slab! is a digital kitchen scale, a digital timer and a IoT device with Bluetooth connectivity for future integrations with other smart devices: it hides functional complexity with a minimal and natural aesthetic. We designed something simple and minimal with the awareness that natural simplicity is something extremely complicated: this is the reason why we decided to adopt an iterative approach, involving users in two development steps.

Working on the insights collected within the first step of the development process, we’re now at the next stage of development: harnessing the sensors embedded into Slab! we can send data to a mobile app. By starting a multidirectional conversation between the user and the product, on one side (when Slab! acts as a cooking assistant), and between the product and the designer, on the other (when transmitting data about the user’s patterns of use), we have the chance to design interaction that assumes the shape of a conversation.

We’re now launching “Slab! Explorer Program”.
A co-design stage of the project for the development of our branded App.

Here is how it works

  1. Drop us a line at and tell us something about you: who you are, what are you doing and why you’d love to join the program.
  2. Our design team will select a group of users to create a group statistically consistent.
  3. Each member will receive a Slab! and he/she will be involved in forms, interviews, and experiences to collect as much data as possible on the App User Experience and on App functionalities.
    The participation to the Explorer Program is subject to payment of a Fee of 250€ una tantum.

Please note that the Explorer Program is structured in Phases, so it could happen that your inclusion in the program could start according to precise schedules.

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