High quality wooden kitchen scale, with a soft and smooth outline.
An object with a timeless and minimal Design.

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An high quality wooden slab, with a soft and smooth outline, an object with a timeless and minimal Design. Slab! is this and much more, you can discover this by placing a food on the top: an elegant LED display suddenly appears from the wood surface, indicating the weight of the food. This extremely natural and intuitive interaction between the user and Slab! does not end here: each side of Slab! has a corresponding feature (digital timer, choice of measurement units, wireless charging, etc) and the user need only to place Slab! in the correct position to activate the mode, without the need of any other interaction. This is what THINGK defines as the transition from User Experience to User Emotion: give the user an operating mode so simple and natural, as to be exciting.

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