We already had the occasion to evidence how collaborations with Home appliances and Furniture companies are a mandatory path for the diffusion of our vision. This year, the collaboration with Artemide and Mercedes- Benz Style has been one of the most challenging ones, because of a very ambitious project: the design of Ameluna, the first Artemide lamp completely controlled by a mobile app and based on Bluetooth Low Energy LEDs.
It took several months, working in close contact with Artemide, to realize the App.
Thanks to our deep knowledge of Bluetooth Low Energy, we have been able to create an app with advanced functionalities, like the creation and the management of a mesh network, i.e. a network in which each node relays data for the network. In a mesh network, all mesh nodes cooperate in the distribution of data in the network, without hubs or central nodes, in a peer-to-peer approach. Our expertise in UI design has been fundamental to estabilish an efficient dialogue with Artemide designers. We are very proud of the results and, moreover, we are very proud that Ameluna won the Red Dot Award 2017 (the most important award in the world for Product design) for the category “Best of the best”. We are excited to be part of the group creating this wondeful product.