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Meet Thingk

Let’s start from the name, it’s pronounced: θɪŋk
(exactly as “think” but smarter!)

The Company was founded in 2015 after a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo platform.
Recognized as “innovative startup” by Milan Economic chamber, Thingk has been also accepted as official spin-off by Politecnico di Milano, for its innovative Development process and for its mix of professional skills.

Thingk is a blend of Design, Engineering and Made in Italy.
Combining these skills, we create smart, cool, med-tech objects, for Internet of Things Era.


Self-production of 50 “Scoreboard” for the Adidas Original Stores.


Winners of the Switch2Products Startups competiton.


Successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.


Article and cover link on WIRED online.


Active Surface Concept for the Milano Design Week.


Accepted as official Spin-off by Politecnico di Milano.

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