I’m Desk!
It’s my pleasure.

A leather desk with two wireless charging zones, compatible with new Smartphone and iPhone
The texture and the smell of leather, together with handcrafted stitching, characterise this product entirely Made in Italy.

“When we founded THINGK, we defined our Core Values and from these we defined our Vision: we contain multitudes. These are some of the Core Values we listed: we believe that work society is at the end, we believe that it will be followed by Interaction society, we believe in elegance and beauty, we don’t want any other stupid object because we are smart, and we dont’ want any other mono-function device, becuse we are multi-tasking. When we developed Desk!, we tried to create a product compliant with these assumptions: a stylish and beautiful leather desk, but also a smart product, able to help us in trasforming our home in a smart-working location”.

Handmade Italian Leather
Two Wireless charging areas with Qi standard
compatible with iPhone and Android
Input: micro-USB 5V 2 A
Dimensions: 60 x 40 cm

Made entirely by the hands of high quality Italian artisans. Each piece boasts unique and unrepeatable detail.

Black, Bulgarian Red, Sand.

Desk! comes with
his Cable! and Carge!

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