Design Engineer

Design Engineer

You will work on new products or improve existing ones, and use your understanding of technology, materials and manufacturing methods to improve the design and usability of an item.

The work involves:
producing prototypes.

Working alongside engineers and model-makers, you conduct research and devise a design proposal for projects. You may need to work on the budget of the designed item to make sure it’s cost effective.

Typical work activities:
meeting with THINGK management to establish the performance and production criteria;
taking part in specialist or multidisciplinary team meetings;
identifying the suitability and availability of materials;
producing detailed, final drawings and specifications or, more likely, using dedicated computer software (CAD) to produce design specifications, including parts lists and costings;
making samples or working models by hand or using computerised prototyping equipment;
testing the design concept by computerised modelling or physical hands-on testing of models;
researching materials, processes or market requirements;
arranging meetings and liaising with engineers and other departments, including marketing, to discuss and negotiate appropriate production processes, costs and commercial issues;
occasionally travelling to OEM production facilities and evaluating the feasibility of production.

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