A bit of Technology, a bit of Design,

a bit of stone, a bit of information.

Or, simply, Bit! 

“Bit! is a wireless flash drive, designed to be the natural evolution of common USB pendrives.  We obtained this through a radical change in Design and UX. First, we were able to escape from rectangular shapes, thanks to the use of wi-fi technology that free us from the search of shapes that are USB-friendly. Moreover, we tried to change the perception of this kind of object: using unconventional and precious materials, like stone, these devices are not percieved as typical, cheap pendrives. Moreover, the use of Stone has also a metaphorical meaning: through history, stone has been the best material to preserve the products of human creativity against the flowing of time”


Expand Memory.
Never feel the frustration of deciding which photos to delete.

A digital intelligence able to store documents, music, memories. This is its superpower, hidden within a twisted and dynamic shape designed to emphasize a stone artifact that seems coming from the past, but that, like a message in a bottle, activates a dialogue with contemporary world, through modern devices (mobile, tablet, desktop). The body, obtained by gravity casting, is the result of extended studies to fine-tune the composition of stone powders at different densities and organic resins. The result is a perfect balance between resistance, formal definition and tactile details typical of natural erosion. The app managing the dialogue between the connected devices has been designed to make the daily tasks of the various users simple and pleasant, triggering a user experience coordinated with the visual identity of this object.”

Share with friends.

Don’t be selfish with your selfies or with your presentations, your pictures or your favorite music. Bit! can share contents with multiple devices at once.

Work with job mates.

Bit! is your digital assistant to archive and share your documents, without cables, without any memory stick

Stream videos to up to 5 devices

Bit! is the perfect travel companion. It can stream HD videos and music to 5 devices at the same time. So you could enjoy hours of entertainment flawlessly. With Type-C interface it takes around 50s to copy an HD 4G movie from Computer to Bit!


Ice Stone, Vulcan stone


Interface: USB Type-C

Wi-fi: Double range 2.4GHz + 5GHz

Battery: 1400mAh Li-ion (supporting 8h playback)

App available for Mac, PC, iOS, Android

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